Cargo Space, Delivery Time, Product Damage, Fuel Waste, Equipment Loss and Worker Injury = $$$ MONEY $$$!


Made in America, HTS Systems' safety and productivity commercial delivery vehicle equipment delivers fast; literally! Did you know that a commercial hand truck can take-up to 12'-15' cubic feet of valuable cargo space in cargo vans? During a five day work week, that translates to a payload loss of more than 240'-300' cubic feet of payload area per month!

HTS Systems' patented Hand Truck Sentry System HTS-20SHM-2 unit is designed for larger (walk-in) cargo vans and HTS-20SHM-1 is designed for smaller (crawl-in) mini cargo vans can help maximize valuable cargo space! Cargo space, delivery time, product damage, equipment loss, worker injuries, vehicle damage, fuel loss, refrigeration temperature, security breaches and bacterial cross-contamination is your bottom-line and your $$$ MONEY $$$!


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