CDL CLASS A Pre-Trip Inspection 2020 (Updated) - Driving Academy How to Pass CDL Your Road Test

For the CDL Class A Road test, the CDL Class A Pre-Trip Inspection is the hardest part. The reason most people fail their CDL CLass A Road Test is because they do not get the right CDL Class A training and that makes them fail the Pre-trip inspection. The Road Test is split into 3 different sections the first part of the CDL Class A road test is to pass the CDL Pre-trip inspection you are going to be asked to do both an Inside air brake test as well as an Outside pre-trip inspection. The second part of the CDL Class A road test is a skills test. The student will have to master six different parking maneuvers and the last part of the CDL Class A road test is the road driving. This test will take two and a half hours to complete however it all starts with this CDL pre-trip inspection.
Most people fail in the first 10 mins of the test because they did not get the proper CDL Class A training on the pre-trip inspection. That is why we have created this video to show you how our students at Driving Academy get the proper CDL Class A training they need in order to pass the CDL Class A Road Test. We offer this video and much much more to our students when we train them for their CDL Class A Pre-trip Inspection. Our students get our highly trained instructors to help them with the CDL Class A pre- trip inspection, they also get a word for word script on exactly what to say during their CDL Class A Road test, and they also get to practice on the same CDL Class A truck that they will be taking their test in as well. After our CDL training program our students are ready to take this test and become successful CDL Drivers and start making Big Money. After our students pass the CDL Class A Pre-trip Inspection they get help with our free life time job placement program. This is where it is our Job to help Students find their CDL Class A Job. Once they Get their CDL Class A Job they will have to do the CDL Class A Pre Trip Inspection if they have followed our training and plan to be the best CDL Class A Driver they can be. They will Learn that when they do their CDL Pre-Trip inspection on a daily basis they will be able to catch things when they are small and fix them so it does not cost them too much money or time at their CDL Class A Job. CDL DRIVING TEST/ CDL ROAD TEST/ CLASS A PRE-TRIP INSPECTION CDL ROAD TEST/ CDL PRE TRIP/ PRE TRIP INSPECTION CLASS A/ PRE TRIP INSPECTION TEST / CDL PRE TRIP INSPECTION CLASS A / CDL INSPECTION

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