Advantages of the Tilt Cab vs Conventional Cab Truck

There are many advantages of the tilt cab style truck versus the conventional cab truck. I will discuss what I think are the top advantages and the ones that will help you sell them effectively. First and foremost is a much tighter turning radius. This happens for two reasons: 1) a much shorter wheelbase and 2) Generally tighter wheel turning ability due to the design of the cab. On the typical 84" CA chassis, the conventional cab cannot make a 360 degree turn in the average city street, but the tilt cab does it with lots of room to spare. If your customer is making deliveries or working on jobs in the city, this is a very important selling feature. Matter of fact, you typically can turn a 360 degree turn with a 108" CA! A massive advantage in maneuverability.

The second advantage is that the cargo length is 4' longer on average for the same CA when comparing the tilt cab to the conventional cab. The reason? Basically, in the tilt cab, you sit on top of the engine and the conventional cab you sit behind the engine. There is no hood on the tilt cab and that 4' of hood is now translated to cargo space instead. This is a huge advantage. More cargo or a bigger body in less space overall. That means efficiency.

The third advantage is shorter overall length when comparing same size bodies on the tilt cab versus the conventional cab. Take a 12' flatbed on an 84" CA conventional cab and then compare the same body on the tilt cab and the overall length is typically 4' shorter! Not only is the turning radius smaller, the overall space the entire truck takes up is 4' shorter. In tighter areas, this is a huge advantage.

There are many other advantages such as:
  • Better visibility (typically more glass area and sitting up a bit higher)
  • Access to the engine by tilting the cab. (Depending on the job being done, this can be a great advantage for minor repairs.
  • Driveability. (People often find that they are fun to drive because of the way they feel when turning and the greater visibility and the angle of the steering column when compared with the conventional cab. This is totally subjective.)
  • Parking. (This is one of the easiest trucks to parallel park!)
  • And more. . .

All in all, the tilt cab truck is an excellent addition to your commercial truck operation. You will get incremental sales because of the benefits. Those who have owned the tilt cabs usually love them and they will go elsewhere to buy if you do not carry them. Next up: the strategy of stocking these trucks.

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