Jeffrey Gitomer's Newest Book, PLUS Audiobook!

In my experience of reading hundreds of books on sales, Jeffrey Gitomer is a superstar. He has packaged his books in a very unique way that is fun and easy to read and is extremely informative. His newest addition was released on Monday, May 5th and is an updated and revamped version of one of his first books. I have already bought several copies to share with friends. The title is Jeffrey Gitomer's Sales Bible.

The best addition to Jeffrey's long list of great books is his first Audiobook edition read by Jeffrey of this book. The Sales Bible Audiobook is awesome! It is really powerful when listening and reading along. I've got it in my truck and Jeffrey is speaking to me wherever I travel. The material in both versions is full of sales wisdom learned on the front line without theories. If you haven't read any of Jeffrey's books, this is a great place to start. I highly recommend you buy both. Amazon has a deal on both. Click on one of the links above.

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