Petty Issues Deserve To Be Dissolved

In my travels and talking with many fleet managers, commercial truck managers, and sales people, I have heard my fill of petty issues that deserve to be dissolved. Until they are dissolved, they are a continuing hindrance to the person saying them and the people around them hearing it. It is time to dissolve them and just let them go.

I hear that the Internet calls are not getting routed to the fleet department or when they call about a commercial truck, it is going to the retail department. Easy to solve. I hear that the phone numbers are wrong on the website. Easy to solve. I hear that the retail guys are stealing the commercial truck customers and since they don't know anything about commercial trucks, they are blowing the customers out the door. Easy to solve.

These are just a very few of the comments that I have heard and continue to hear. They are all easy to solve. Sometimes people would just rather complain. Be a solution seeker and a problem solver and life will feel so much better. Listen to yourself and see if you are complaining. If you hear yourself start to complain about anything, stop mid-stream and choose a different thought. If there is an issue about something, think about how it can be solved and get to work on that.

If for some reason you have given it your all and the problem persists, get over it and get on with it. You'll like yourself better and more importantly, your associates will like you better. If you're a complainer, you will attract complainers but people who dislike complainers will walk away quickly. Misery loves company. At the same time, success loves company. Enthusiasm loves company. Excitement loves company. You get to choose. Dissolve those petty issues and get a better life!

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