Sales Follow Up Program

Yesterday I wrote about the service department and how they can be much more effective if they modify their current follow up system. The same is true in sales, so let's look at some follow up ideas for commercial truck sales.

I talk about email HTML newsletters because they are effective. They are more effective, easier to produce, almost free in comparison to mail and have quite a number of advantages that are not even available in a mail piece, such as links that open a new window to another web source. They are also more fun. So, number one on my list of things I recommend is to get excited about and get going on a series of great HTML newsletters and other email communications for your customer base and your prospect base.

You might be saying, "where is the time and energy to add that to my list of things to do?" Start delegating, but get it done! You can hire us to do it for you, you can hire others to do it for you, maybe someone in your dealership would have fun doing this for you. There are people who enjoy doing these things, and that serves you nicely if you take advantage of it. Basically, just decide you are going to do it and the way will be found.

You can create a nice HTML style follow up email for your prospects and you can include some pictures of some of the kind of trucks that they might have been interested in, or that you would like to suggest to them. People are looking for solutions--especially when it comes to commercial trucks--so the more you can help them find solutions, the more sales you will make. I remember a sales record (33 1/3 - shows my age. . .) that I listened to when I first got in sales. This guy said that last year there were 5 million 1/4" drills sold, but people didn't want 1/4" drills, they wanted 1/4" holes. I thought, wow, that's interesting! People want solutions. If you focus on solving their problems, you will do well.

Create a newsletter to send to your database about once a month give or take. Make sure there are tidbits of information that they would find interesting. You can also promote aftermarket accessories, talk about new products coming to market soon, tips about service, interesting facts about trucks, links to videos about trucks or links to other resources. Add graphics and photos and use color to keep it visually interesting. This is a wonderful way and a soft way to stay in touch with your clients and prospects.

You will find people thanking you for sending them the newsletters and they will point out what they liked about it if you have things of value for them. The most important thing is keeping your name in front of them. People have so many choices in today's world, so they can buy the same things all over the place. It is even more important than ever to find great ways to stay in touch with people, provide some value and keep having them remember you.

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