A Simple & Effective Prospecting Program, Part 3

Another simple and effective prospecting activity is to go buy a small digital recorder. They cost between $15 and $75 typically. Carry it with you always. When you are out driving around and you see a commercial truck with the name of the business on the side or the back, get out your recorder and talk the name, phone number, kind of truck and body and any other information that may be of value to you later.

This is a very simple method of prospecting that requires almost no effort, yet will give you a number of businesses to call. Many will be out of your area and that is great because you get to see what they are driving, how they care for it, and how they use their trucks as they cruise through your vicinity.

Perhaps you see an opportunity of a need they may have like the truck is in disrepair or very old, etc. Don't neglect the newer, nicer looking trucks. Sometimes, the buyers don't respond to need, but they want their trucks to represent their image.

I know a hauling guy who hauls junk from your yard who only buys old beat up but decent running dump trucks. Most of them are from the 1960's and 1970's. They have no markings whatsoever and many times the paint is all mismatched and they are filthy looking. Of course, he buys them cheap, but I'm sure he puts money into them to get them to clear smog and safety inspections. I suggested a newer truck and he says that he likes these because he likes his image to be that he works cheap so that he gets a lot of business. He dresses the part as well. A very nice guy, but looks kind of like a bum. He acts kind of shy and humble.

I know another junk hauler who looks at that completely differently. He has a number of nice trucks with his name on the side and the phone number very large. He even has larger dump trucks to haul more stuff. This guy keeps the best things that people pay him to haul away and he has a large business reselling that stuff. He's making money several times on the same stuff. He dresses casually, but well and he looks and acts successful. You have the impression this guy is an entrepreneur.

They are both successful but they are not both prospects. The latter is a prospect for you. He believes in spending money, the first guy would never do that. Their business probably translates similarly to their personal vehicles. Why? Because it is a state of mind.

So, just because you see a guy driving a new truck does not mean they are not a good prospect. It may very well be the opposite of that. It is best to not prejudge any of the trucks that you see. Just record all the information you see and have time to record. Sort it all out later.

Have a plan of contacting these people to offer your services. This might be by phone, mail, or you might drive over there and visit their business in person. All of those can be effective, but the personal visit will move things forward more quickly.

There are prospects all around you and opportunities everywhere!

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