Knapheide Launches New Website!

March 04, 2011. Knapheide Launches New Website. New website features enhanced content and user friendly design.

Welcome to Knapheide's new website. We have worked hard here at Knapheide to deliver our web users with an easy to navigate and content rich website. We are very excited to launch the new site and receive feedback. This is only the beginning, over time we will be adding more interactive features to our web site in order to fully engage our users. We would like to thank the team at Jones & Thomas for putting in long hours and working side by side with our internal staff at Knapheide to make this website happen.

Let's take a minute to explain the structure and content of our new web site. Our "Products" section features our seven product categories, each with individual products under each category. Each individual product page has an overview, specifications, features & benefits, popular options, literature, gallery, warranty, and some have a video section as well. We have done our best to provide the user with as much information as he or she will need about our products. On each product page, the user will also be able to search for distributors by zip code that sell that specific product. Users can also submit testimonials and pictures of their Knapheide products from the individual product page.

Our "Service and Support" section features descriptions and contact information for our Truck Pool, Fleet Services, and Product Support departments. We also have a FAQ page in the Service and Support section along with a support request form.

The "About Us" section has five different pages: Careers, History, Manufacturing Superiority, Trade Shows, and Sustainability. This section gives users an internal view of where we've came from, where we've been, and where we're going.

The "News" section (what you are on right now) features articles from Knapheide about products, options, trade shows, events, and other internal information. Users can stay up to date on what's going on at Knapheide and read the most current news on our company.

Please feel free to browse our website and check out all the different areas. We will be continually improving and adding on to this website in order to keep you, the user coming back for more. Thanks!


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Anonymous said...

Great website, Reading needs to take some notes. Reading's website seems half put together with limited information on products.