Highrise Tool Boxes On Chevy Extended Cab

Here's a shot from Kimberly at Harbor Truck Bodies of a different job coming out of the shop. This 9' Flatbed is mounted on an extended cab Chevy chassis and sports a double decker arrangement of upper bed tool boxes along with an underbody box below. This makes for a lot of lockable storage. Notice the 4 tool boxes on top where the upper boxes are mounted for the doors to open upward, while the ones below open downward.

This is also a lot like a Contractor Body modification in that it has the short contractor style gates around the rear. Nice looking truck and has a lot of places to put things and keep them out of the weather. Call Harbor at 800-433-9452 and visit their website at www.htbi.net.


Gilbert M. said...

Wow, this is all in one vehicles..and take a note it is a chevy car..very brilliant idea and good tool box as well..

Natashia P said...

A Very Nice Pick up, i will make mine too like this because of our job..we need to carry tools in every destination we work..These tool boxes is good enough for our things..tnx for posting :)