Scaffolding Trade Relies on the Unimog

■  Versatile U 400 with additional customised implements wins over the trade

■  For over 30 years scaffolding experts Schneider Ltd. have been relying on the Unimog and the top after-sales service provided by its general distributor (GD)

Stuttgart/Sonthofen – Using the Unimog in various trades has a long history as its adaptability is a great advantage in this extremely diversified sector. Among those companies who really appreciate the Unimog is the scaffolding company Schneider Ltd. and its working relationship with this competent all-rounder goes back for about 30 years. Scaffolding erected by this Sonthofen company on churches, hospitals, schools, industrial buildings and mountain railway stations can be anything up to 50 metres high. One of the scaffolding company's key operations is renting out over 40 self-propelling aerial working platforms. This is where the Unimog U 400 comes into its own as it is able to do a really good job with its additional customised implements. The U 400 delivers all the equipment directly to the construction sites, taking even challenging mountain passes in its stride.

Top marks for Unimog after-sales service

Three generations of scaffold-builders at Schneider Ltd have been impressed by the after-sales service provided by Wohlgschaft in Wangen, the Unimog general distributor for the region. In particular the scaffolding company appreciates the Unimog GD's pick-up and delivery service, as well as its servicing of both equipment and vehicles. And Schneider passes on Wohlgschafft's reliability to its own customers by being able to stick to agreed-on dates. This is vital for renting out aerial working platforms and supplying the equipment on the agreed date has to be guaranteed.

The experts at the UGD in Wangen also do the configuration for the high performance U 400 fleet. Two trailer couplings – ball type and jaw type – for various types of trailer, compressed air connections for tricky manoeuvring, winches on the flatbed and implements for winter services ensure that the Unimog is kept busy year-round doing various kinds of work.

As usual, the U 400 product range also cuts a good figure in the scaffolding business with its off-road capabilities, manoeuvrability, handling and comfort, as well as with its narrow outer width of 2.20 metres. The Sonthofen scaffold- builders emphasise that the Unimog is unrivalled in the way it deals with the mountainous terrain and inaccessible construction sites found especially in the Allgäu area. And here the U 400 ensures that scaffold-builder Schneider's principles –punctuality and quality – are here to stay.

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