Sweet Combo Body By Harbor Is Looker And Worker

Kimberly at Harbor Truck Bodies sent us some photos of a recent job building a very sweet 14' ComboMaster/Welder Body on a GM chassis. The ComboMaster is a service body where the last compartment on the rear is removed and a 36" platform extension is installed instead, creating a great work platform at part of the body and the platform is a great work height as well. This work platform section also sports optional small storage cabinets. It is also a Welder Body in that this one has a raised front streetside compartment with bottle brackets and rings.

In addition, this body has a substantial amount of HD drawers in two compartments, work lights attached on the HD forklift loadable rack with multiple cross members. Other unique features are the combination of closed top compartments and open top compartments with the standard Stainless Steel lids. This allows for compressors, or other machines and items to be mounted on top of the compartments toward the rear to further work on the job site. This job also includes a full spray on coating in the bed area. Also notice the unique design of the HD rack at the rear so that there are no posts coming down to interrupt the work area, yet allows for a full length rack for material. Not only is it functional, it is great looking too. Last, we have short contractor style fold-down gates around the work platform and a class IV receiver and trailer plug.

See more from Harbor Truck Bodies at www.htbi.net, or call Kimberly at 800-433-9452

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