B&W Trailer Hitches Delivers First Aftermarket Gooseneck Hitch for 2013 RAM 3500 Trucks


America’s number-one-selling gooseneck hitch manufacturer puts popular Turnoverball solution in distribution, while OEM struggles with product delays

HUMBOLDT, Kan.—B&W Trailer Hitches, a leading U.S.-based manufacturer of heavy-duty, engineered trailer hitches and aftermarket truck/trailer accessories, announced that it has begun shipping its new GNRK 1314 aftermarket gooseneck trailer hitch to its nationwide distribution network. The new hitch features B&W’s popular Turnoverball design and provides the same ease of installation and simplicity of use that the North American trailer-hauling marketplace has come to know and expect.
Many 2013 RAM 3500 owners have been stunned to discover that the accessories necessary for their factory-installed gooseneck trailer hitch to function are simply not yet available. Preliminary data also suggests that if owners did not specify RAM’s towing package, they might have to pay for the bed of their new truck to be removed in order to install the MOPAR gooseneck hitch. Either way, the RAM owner’s hitch is rendered inoperable because there is currently no hitch ball available.
“This unfortunate set of circumstances has caused inconvenience and confusion among my customers,” Hayden Elder, principle of Elder Dodge in Athens, Texas, said. “Our customers prefer the B&W brand over any other gooseneck hitch, and I’m grateful that we have their GNRK 1314 hitch available now, as the RAM 3500s begin hitting our lot.” 
Enter B&W Trailer Hitches and their new GNRK 1314 aftermarket gooseneck trailer hitch. An online video demonstrates that the GNRK 1314 installs much like the other B&W gooseneck trailer hitch kits that have become number-one sellers among truck dealers and end-users alike. B&W’s new hitch is comparably priced with its other gooseneck offerings, with an MSRP of $494 and fits on any 2013 RAM 3500 without a factory-installed hitch prep package. Best of all, the new hitch comes with B&W’s signature Turnoverball feature, which allows the hitch ball to invert in its mounting socket when not in use to stow securely and flush with the bed of the truck.
In contrast to B&W’s Turnoverball design, the RAM’s OE hitch ball, when it eventually becomes available, will need to be removed from its mounting socket and stowed elsewhere. Removing the hitch ball from its mounting location leaves it prone to being lost, misplaced and generally becoming a storage nuisance.
“Since we introduced the Turnoverball in 1992, gooseneck users have grown accustomed to turning over and stowing the hitch ball where they use it, and it’s hard for us to imagine why the OE would revert to an outdated, less practical design,” Travis McCall, product engineer for B&W Trailer Hitches, said. “Our new GNRK 1314 honors B&W’s reputation for creating easy-to-install hitches that are easy to use as well.”
B&W’s GNRK 1314 aftermarket gooseneck trailer hitch has been carefully engineered to match the towing capacity of the 2013 RAM 3500. The product has been extensively tested and is certified as meeting the vehicle tow rating (VTR). As with any towing scenario, B&W strongly recommends that users never exceed a VTR.
“For over a quarter of a century, we’ve enjoyed serving truck dealers of all brands, who love installing our hitch products for their customers,” Beth Barlow, marketing manager for B&W Trailer Hitches, said. “Our quick assessment of this needs gap and our rapid response to fill it are a testament to B&W’s dedication to our RAM dealer customers, their customers and the towing marketplace at large.”
B&W Trailer Hitches specializes in designing and engineering trailer hitches and aftermarket truck/trailer accessories, and has a proud reputation as a U.S.-based manufacturer and innovator. The company’s workforce makes all of its products entirely in Humboldt, Kan. The design of the GNRK 1314 aftermarket gooseneck trailer hitch has a patent pending. A complete product catalog can be accessed on the B&W website.
B&W’s GNRK 1314 aftermarket gooseneck trailer hitch can be used to replace the product designation 53W 5th Wheel/Gooseneck Towing Prep Group, for the 2013 RAM 3500. A fifth wheel hitch is expected to be introduced within several weeks.
B&W’s GNRK 1314 aftermarket gooseneck trailer hitch can be purchased online, and a dealer locator is also available at: http://www.Turnoverball.com/find-a-dealer
To access high-resolution images of B&W’s GNRK 1314 aftermarket gooseneck trailer hitch, please visit:
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About B&W Trailer Hitches
Based in Humboldt, Kan., B&W Trailer Hitches engineers and manufactures trailer hitches and aftermarket truck/trailer accessories. B&W offers a broad selection of products designed to seamlessly integrate with and enhance the use of trucks and the vehicles and equipment they tow. All B&W products are proudly manufactured in the USA, in a state-of-the-art facility that houses a skilled workforce of craftsmen and the most technologically advanced equipment available. B&W is recognized as an innovator and invented the Turnoverball gooseneck hitch, which revolutionized the industry in 1992. To learn more about B&W Trailer Hitches, please visit: http://www.Turnoverball.com
Turnoverball is a trademark of B&W Trailer Hitches.
RAM is a trademark of Chrysler Group LLC. The terms RAM, 2013 RAM 3500 and references to models and product designations are for reference purposes only. B&W, nor its products are sponsored or endorsed by RAM, and there is nothing else in the use of the RAM brand designation that should lead a reader to believe that there is an association between B&W and RAM.

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