2014 Mercedes Benz Citan - Official Trailer

Powerful models -- new engine variants and numerous conversions for the Mercedes-Benz Citan

-New Citan 111 CDI: powerful, smooth, economical
-New Citan 112: lively, comfortable, cost-effective
-New extra-long Citan crewbus with up to seven seats
-Bodybuilder Centre and VanPartner -- the Citan made to measure

Powerful models from Mercedes-Benz round off the range of Citan urban delivery vans. The new top-of-the-line diesel model is the Citan 111 CDI developing 81 kW (110 hp). With its petrol engine, the Citan 112 (84 kW/112 hp) is likewise new. The extra-long Citan crewbus with up to seven seats will follow in spring 2014. In cooperation with well-known bodybuilders, the Citan model range is extended further: thanks to the certification scheme VanPartner by Mercedes-Benz, tested industry-specific solutions are available.

Mercedes-Benz Citan: successfully established

One year after its launch, the urban delivery van bearing the Mercedes star has established itself well. It has now been introduced in all EU countries, Switzerland, Norway and Turkey. Russia is currently set to follow as another market. Work is underway to launch in Chile, for example, while other regions in Southeast Asia and the Middle East are also being examined. Further variants broaden the offering.

New Citan 111 CDI: powerful, smooth, economical

The new top-of-the-line diesel model is the Citan 111 CDI. The engine here develops 81 kW (110 hp) from a displacement of 1.5 litres. Maximum torque is 240 Nm, making the Citan 111 CDI equally strong on pulling power.

The Citan 111 CDI is a lively performer, accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in 12.3 seconds. Its top speed of 170 km/h also makes it suitable for long distances. At the same time, it is among the most economical and environmentally friendly vehicles in its class: equipped with the optional BlueEfficiency package including the Eco start/stop function, the Citan achieves an outstanding combined fuel consumption of just 4.4 litres per 100 km. The list price for the long Citan 111 CDI panel van is €17,130 (excl. VAT).

New Citan 112: lively, comfortable, cost-effective

The new Citan 112 is particularly agile and comfortable at work. At 84 kW (112 hp), it obtains the highest output from the smallest displacement (1.2 l) in the model series. It is also one of the most cost-effective and low-emission urban delivery vans. BlueEfficiency technology and an Eco start/stop function are standard features. Combined fuel consumption is low at 6.1 litres/100 km.

With a top speed of 173 km/h and acceleration from zero to 100 km/h in just 11.7 seconds, the Citan 112 offers impressive performance. The long panel van is priced at €15,810 (excl. VAT).

Both the Citan 111 CDI and the Citan 112 are equipped with a six-speed manual transmission as standard. With its wide ratio spread, the transmission ensures both powerful start-off characteristics and low engine speeds at higher road speeds. This is accompanied by low driving noise and favourable fuel consumption.

New extra-long Citan crewbus with up to seven seats

As another new addition, the Citan is available as a crewbus with up to seven seats. It is based on the extra-long variant (length: 4705 mm). This crewbus is intended for commercial passenger transport, commercial transport of personnel and/or cargo, as well as mixed private and commercial use.

The new third seat row in the Citan consists of two individual seats. These are independently adjustable fore-and-aft, and can be individually folded down or removed as required.

Bodybuilder Centre and VanPartner -- the Citan made to measure

Individual solutions for special requirements -- conversions and custom bodies have always been important at Mercedes-Benz Vans. What is not available ex factory can be taken care of by bodybuilders. For the Citan, the conversion rate is already 16 percent.

The Bodybuilder Centre at Mercedes-Benz Vans is a partner to body and conversion specialists. It provides advice to these companies and accompanies new developments by Mercedes-Benz Vans. End-users also benefit: the publicly available information portal www.vanpartner.info provides an overview of more than 300 product solutions from around 90 partners - already including numerous versions for the Citan.

The companies featured on the website qualify as a VanPartner by Mercedes-Benz because they have achieved a special status: Mercedes-Benz Vans has not only approved the relevant solution, but even recommends it to end-users. Both quality and the level of sales and service are scrutinised extensively. By the end of the year, there will be VanPartners in all major European markets.

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