Pink Fish Plumbing hooks up with Isuzu

Sydney’s bustling traffic and high incidence of narrow inner city streets make it almost mandatory for plumbers to have a work vehicle compact enough to provide easy maneuverability, while also being powerful enough to carry all their equipment and fittings.

To fulfill this requirement, newcomer to the Sydney plumbing landscape, Pink Fish Plumbing, has been turning heads around the city with its new brightly painted Isuzu NLR 200 Short featuring custom body.

The owner-operated business was established by husband and wife team, Brett and Kelly Parsons, who recently relocated to Sydney after two years spent pipe fitting, plumbing and operating machinery within the Western Australian mining industry.

Now that they have returned home, Brett and Kelly are devoting all of their energy to Pink Fish Plumbing, which provides its residential customers with a complete range of plumbing services, including unblocking drains and sewers, installing taps and toilets and gas fitting.

As an additional offering, Pink Fish Plumbing also provides a 24 hour emergency plumbing service.

“Customers are able to book me for regular plumbing jobs and I am available for emergency work, such as fixing a burst pipe, at any time of the day or night,” Brett said.

“We believe it’s important to make our customers happy and exceed their expectations by providing a reliable service at a good rate.”

Based in Sydney’s inner west, Pink Fish Plumbing is able to service the entire metropolitan area, as well as the surrounding suburbs, travelling to jobs in its Isuzu NLR 200 Short.

According to Brett, many plumbers use Isuzu’s NPR 450 model; however Brett requires a more compact option to manoeuver through Sydney’s tight streets.

“The areas I work in require a small vehicle, as the streets are very narrow, such as Balmain and Paddington,” Brett said.

“However I need to carry a lot of equipment on my truck, so it was essential it could handle this. A utility would have been too small to bear the load and carry all of the gear I require. It’s important I have all of my tools and equipment with me at jobs so that I can work quickly and efficiently.”

Included in this equipment is a high pressure water jetting system that has been installed on the NLR by Sewerquip. According to Brett the system is very heavy, consisting of a water tank, motor, pump, fuel and an extra battery.

“I needed the right vehicle – big and powerful enough to carry my equipment, but small enough to drive on the narrow streets. The NLR doesn’t struggle at all with the heavy load on the back,” he said.

“The truck’s automated manual transmission (AMT) allows me to drive in automatic most of the time, but also flick across to manual if required. This makes the NLR easy to drive in all conditions, including stop-start traffic and highways.

“The cab is comfortable to travel in and the stereo is a nice addition with all its connections and features.

“Isuzus are renowned for being the best trucks on the road, which is why I chose to purchase this truck for our business.”

After taking delivery of the NLR 200, Brett and Kelly wanted to ensure it would stand out on the road.

“The truck’s aluminium body was fabricated by Pacific Body Works and features a central locking system and lit compartments making night time work easier,” Brett said.

“The body has a great storage system and its locks are strong, so it is resistant to thieves.

“To give the truck its eye-catching look, Motorgraphics then applied the signage and artwork to the body. It has certainly generated a lot of attention.”

As artistic individuals, Brett and Kelly sought a business name that would stand out from competitors.

“We wanted to break away from all of the unimaginative plumbing business names and logos and use something that stays in people’s minds. That’s why we chose Pink Fish Plumbing, as it’s quite bizarre, grabs attention and portrays that our business is different from others,” Brett said.
See more about Isuzu Truck in Australia at www.isuzu.com.au

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