SUPER COOL AMPHIBIOUS RV Woelcke Autark T5 Crosser Off Road 4x4 Campervan Motor Home

**Note. We don't normally share camper van or motorhome information, but I was so enjoying this world traveler and his small, effective, and high quality camper van. It is 4-wheel drive, small diesel with 6-speed manual and claims to get 25 miles to the gallon. Well done video and I love the enthusiasm of the owner and the interviewer! -- Terry Minion, Commercial Truck Success. Below is the text from the YouTube video.:

While visiting the Allaire State Park Campground I stumbled upon this cool part amphibious camper van RV motor home conversion built on the Volkswagen chassis. It is manufactured by Woelcke and the model is the Autark T5 Crosser Off Road. I hope to see these here in the States 

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