Ampliroll 6,600 Pounds Hooklift

Hooklift AL 35 E, lifting capacity of 6600 lbs. Ampliroll is designed to pick up, dump, transport and unload your containers safer and faster; that means larger profits for you. The telescopic Jib concept enables a perfect load distribution with all your bodies. Assuring versatility, durability and long life with minimal weight and maximum efficiency.

Technical Features:

  • Designed to handle containers between 10 and 12′ of length, performing all operations from the cab, it needs less than 1 min. for loading bodies The dumping mode is obtained by operating the main rams, actuating arm and tilting frame, with jib extended, altogether pivoting around the rear shaft
  • A sub-frame made out of bent plate steel and cross members to be mounted on the truck frame, height 5 1/2 inches.
  • A tilting frame, hinged to the sub-frame with a steel shaft carrying the rear centering rollers.
  • A main arm hinged on the tilting frame with a mechanical locking mechanism that allows the dumping mode.
  • Telescopic jib, sliding in the arm, supporting a wide open lifting hook, enables the operator to approach a load from a 50 degree angle to start the loading procedure.
  • A hydraulic system, manufactured by MARREL, operated by a electro-pump 12V with a reservoir

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