EcoSkirt™ Semi Truck Skirt

The STEMCO EcoSkirt truck skirt improves fuel efficiency by reducing aerodynamic drag under the trailer where air hits the trailer’s rear axles. The EcoSkirt™ side fairings streamline and guide the air around the sides and to the back of the truck trailer. By combining EcoSkirt™ with the STEMCO TrailerTail®, fleets can achieve 8-12% fuel savings.

Ultra-Flex Panels.

EcoSkirt™ fairings are constructed of an ultra-durable and flexible thermoplastic composite material similar to that used in trailer scuff liners. The material’s fibers allow the panels to withstand frequent impacts with road elements such as concrete curbs, steep loading docks and ice banks. The material is also extremely lightweight for minimal payload impact.

Universal Application.

EcoSkirt technology is compatible with all trailer models and is available to be factory installed on new trailer orders or retrofitted to your existing fleet. Custom options are available for trailer applications requiring access to underside-mounted equipment such as hydraulic life-gate boxes, loading ramps and spare tire carriers.

Proven to reduce under-trailer aerodynamic drag by directing airflow smoothly to the back of the trailer.


The EcoSkirt™ reinforced panels are designed to give with impact and return to form, resist extreme heat, cold and precipitation, and employ galvanized steel hardware for tough, corrosion-free performance, year after year.


EcoSkirt™ panels are offered in a variety of configurations to best fit your fleet profile and operating needs. Custom options, including colors, decals and shapes, are available to maximize branding visibility.


EcoSkirt side fairings streamline the airflow under and around your semi-trailers, stabilizing your trailers and improving visibility by reducing road spray. The EcoSkirt also acts as a protective guard, mitigating the occurrence and severity of under-vehicle accidents with vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians.
To learn more on how much you can save with EcoSkirt™, contact a STEMCO sales representative, or call 888-283-8245.

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