Lo Riser Inclining Platform Trailers

Stop, Drop and Load with a Lo Riser Inclining Platform Trailer. The Lo Riser hydraulic trailer is not like a conventional tilt trailer. With a flip of a switch, the Lo Riser gently lowers the rear of the trailer to the ground providing an approximate 4 or 5 degree load angle. The loading ramp is built into the Lo Riser trailer so there are no heavy tailgates and no more dangerous ramp boards to worry about. Loading is fast and simple. Sweepers, scrubbers, order pickers, forklift trucks and high reach equipment can all be loaded without bottoming out. One man can quickly load equipment or cargo saving you precious time and money. Having a Lo Riser hydraulic trailer in your work fleet will help maximize efficiency and eliminate double handling. Get a Lo Riser working for you. Visit www.advancemetalworking.com to learn more about these unique trailers.

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