Pac-Mac KB-20 Series


Standard Features

    Tip boom cylinder provides hydraulic cushioning/deceleration when fully stroking in either direction to reduce mechanical impact on boom structure
    All hoses are enclosed within boom structure (view)
    Pilot operated check valves integrated into boom and outrigger cylinders for safety
    Hydraulic piloted operated joysticks (view)
    H-style outrigger
    Smooth pads for minimal street damage
    Bumper meets U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, part 571.233 for rear impact guards and part 571.224 for rear impact protection
    Outboard frame-mounted twin telescopic body dump cylinders, single acting or double acting
    45° body tilt
    GXL wire with labeling enclosed in braided nylon loom

Learn more at: http://www.e-pac-mac.com/products/kb-20-series/

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