A Parts Organizer for every Tradesman’s Top Tools

Top Tools  to Keep in your Parts Organizer

It is essential to have the right tools on the job for every tradesman. Below is a list of the most useful tools for tradesmen to keep in their parts organizer to increase organization.

Top Tools for Tradesmen to Carry:
Pliers: Be sure to keep several in your parts organizer to accommodate your specific tasks. Side-cutting pliers, for example, come in handy when cutting through wires or metal cables. Then there are needle-nose pliers whose thin jaws allow you to reach into tight spaces or to hold small nuts while turning a screw. Pliers with insulated handles are the best choice for electricians as they reduce the risk of electrical shock.

Screwdrivers: A screwdriver set is a must have for every tradesman. Many contractors swear by the brand Klein as the best maker of screwdriver sets, due to their tough quality. It is important to buy ones that will last you for years and that are comfortable to grip. Again, have a collection with each piece fully insulated for extra protection.

Claw Hammer: If you are doing work in a construction zone, you will definitely want a hammer. The claw hammer is an extremely useful, multi-purpose tool. In addition to the hammer side, the claw-like prongs on the other end are great for removing nails and wood pieces from walls and floorboards.

Tape Measure: Depending on your job, you will probably want one that reaches more than 25 feet to ensure you never run short when measuring large areas. We also recommend you splurge and get one that is high quality and brightly bright colored so it is easy locate if you set it down on a job site.

Utility Knife: A Utility or Stanley knife is handy to have in your parts organizer. It cuts easily through most material and is small enough to be taken anywhere. Most utility knives have either ceramic blades or snap off metal blades. Ceramic blades tend to be sharper, however the snap off blades mean your knife with probably last longer so it is up to you to see what best suits your job.

Flashlight: Having to pull up floorboards, work in drains or feel behind refrigerators is a dark and dirty job. Always ensure that you can see what you are doing to avoid injury. Your job will be a whole lot safer and easier with the use of a a powerful flashlight.

Allen keys: Allen Keys are small, handheld tools that drive bolts and screws with hexagonal sockets in their heads. Shower heads, bicycles, locks and a lot of furniture are held together with these bolts. They are easy to attach and remove if you have the correct sized key.

Wrenches: Although wrenches are mostly associated to plumbing, they are also used with many HVAC systems involving natural gas lines. Like your screwdrivers, keep a set of different sizes in your parts organizer just in case.

Safety Glasses & Gloves: Play it safe – always have a pair of safety glasses and gloves somewhere nearby. Finger splinters are never enjoyable, and eye splinters are even less fun. These are little items that you might forget about, until you rue the day you did not wear them. At least have them at the ready in your parts organizer if needed.

Scratch Awl: This tool is probably not the most used of them all – no pun intended – but it can come in handy as well. The awl, or more precisely, the scratch awl is used to puncture and to scratch markings on wood or metal. This replaces a pencil or marker that might leave a line that is either too thick, or not even visible on the material.

Screws, Nails, Nut, Bolts: Always use your parts organizer to store the little bits and pieces that you use everyday. Do not let them roam free all over your van – keep them together where you can easily access them and boost your efficiency on the job.

Top Storage & Organization Solution:
The best storage option for carrying these smaller and most essential tools that we mentioned above, are Ranger Design’s Partskeeper Cases. These durable cases are made from tough plastic and come with 10 removable containers of different sizes. These are also flexible. Create your own custom case by rearranging the containers inside or removing them all together.

They also can be kept in a specifically designed Partskeeper cabinet, that holds up to 8 cases securely. Turn each case into a specific storage area for your different tool groups. For example, if you have a few main tasks that you accomplish almost everyday, then designate a case for the most needed parts. You will be more organized and will not need to bring as many tools with you onto the job.

For more accessories to help you become better organized, check out our blog to help you Find the Right Accessories for Your Work Van.

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