Through the Eyes Of the Bold, Part 14

We're down to the Dump Bodies on this post.
  • Contractor Body 10-15%
  • Combo Body 5-10%
  • Flatbed 20-30%
  • Service Bodies 30-45%
  • Plumber Bodies 5-10%
  • Van Bodies 15-25%
  • Dumps 5-10%
  • Other Bodies 5-10%

I've been partial to Dump Bodies since I was a kid in the sandbox with my Tonka Dump Truck. The value of this body is obvious to those who need it and they basically come in two general varieties: Steel Dump (or I like to call it the committed or dedicated Dump Body!) and Flatbed Dumps which includes Landscape Dumps, Stakebed Dumps and so on.

You'll notice that the recommended percentage is 5-10%. You might think that is a small number. It is, but a lot of dealers are nervous about Dumps for some reason and when it comes to the Flatbed, a dump hoist can be added fairly easily for a similar cost as buying it that way new. This allows a dealer to be more comfortable in the short term until we build their confidence in this product.

Dumps not only fulfill a good purpose, but are very attractive display pieces when you put the bed up in the air. I guess you could write off any flooring expense as advertising. . . just kidding. Nonetheless, don't discount the marketing opportunities that the Dumps on your lot will bring.

The Steel Dump is a great piece to stock. It is designed to be used most often as a dump, although it can serve a number of purposes. These Dump Bodies are made of heavy gauge steel and are designed to take abuse. They typically come in 2-3 yard, 3-4 yard, 4 yard, 5-6 yard and greater. Unless you have medium duty trucks, we are going to be looking mostly at the 2-3 yard and the 3-4 yard. The variance in the yardage is whether or not you use a side board to extend the capacity. Without the side board, it is 3 and with the side board it is 4. These Dumps are available with fold-down sides which allows you to load the body with a forklift when using it for something other than a dump. Not a real popular option in California anyway. On the 3-4 yard, the fold-down sides are very heavy and hard to deal with and have limited use.

The Flatbed Dump can be just a plain Flatbed with a dump hoist under it, or you might have different size gates on it and perhaps even swing-away rear gates. Flatbed Dumps are in all different sizes.

The Landscape Dump is a very popular Dump Body and essentially, it is a Flatbed Dump with either plywood sides or steel sides with a swing-away rear gate system and is available with other options like side swing-away gates, etc. You can even get this body in an aluminum body with aluminum sides and gates.

Using our smaller 25 upfit stocking dealer, we will use 8% or 2 units for the mix. Based on this limited number, I will choose as my first body a 3-4 yard Steel Dump with underbed boxes, HD Steel Plate hitch with Pintle/Ball combination and I will order the side boards. This will go on the F550 with 19,000 GVWR and I will go with the diesel. The second unit will be a Landscape Body. If I have tilt cab, I want the 12' Landscaper with an I-pack box behind the cab, underbed boxes, hitch and a side swing-out gate with step. This will go on the 108"CA. If I don't have tilt cab, I will go with the 12' Landscaper on the F350 gas truck and it will be a price leader piece.

As this dealer becomes more confident, I want the percentage to increase on the Dump Bodies accordingly. Marketing Dumps is fun and they bring such a great eye-appeal to merchandising the lot. It is hard to go wrong on Dump Bodies.

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