Through the Eyes Of the Bold, Part 24

Today we are continuing with partnering ideas with body companies and other vendors. At the same time, we are pointing out some of the specialty products of some of your excellent suppliers--our own opinion, of course. Yesterday we discussed three of Knapheide's quality products along with Scelzi and SVE MidBox. We hope you see the value of these fine products because we think they are awesome. Let's find some more partners!

When it comes to a wide variety of products and a list of extreme modifications, Supreme Corporation is a world leader. Van bodies is something they have done well forever, but few probably know of their Supreme Specialty Vehicles. Need a SWAT truck, Mobile Lab, Tactical Armored vehicle? How about a Crime Scene vehicle, Cash Transport, or Bomb Squad truck? How about. . . well. . . they probably make that too. So, that's off the chart for you? You need to partner with someone and keep your job? Okay, we just wanted you to know just in case. Think of the $10-12 pounders on those before we move on. . . Okay, I'm confident that Supreme would be most pleased to partner with you on some promotion or campaign you want to create. Since they are a nationwide company with many locations, you should be able to work the logistics out well. Of course you have their van bodies. They are experts at it. They also do refrigerated units in the same professional way. If you have ever had a chance to view some of their Refrigerated Bodies, you know they are quality all the way. And the refrigerated vehicle market is a great market to get into. They will help you understand what to stock to break into this market. Here's another product that is unique and should sell well all over the country: Supreme VanScaper. This is a great way to make use of a van body and create a maneuverable solution at a reasonable cost. Supreme has a selection of Landscaping solutions. Download the catalog and check it out. You could do a Supreme-A-Thon since they have so many products and double your marketing power with their help. Give Supreme a call and discuss the possibilities.

Remember this: All of these body companies are partners. They need you and you need them. They have product to move and you need to have product to move and they will work with you in almost any way that makes sense based on the level of your partnership with them. You want to order one unit and get a bunch of support? Dream on. This series is through the eyes of the bold. The better your order, the better they will help you. It's open to your imagination. Believe me, if they didn't support you, they don't deserve any of your business. Wouldn't you do the same with your customers? Of course.

Take full advantage of this concept. So, in order to make this work well and not have a deluge of inventory from 6 different suppliers, you pick one or two per promotion and give them good sized orders with plenty of negotiation on how they can help you make it successful for you and the body company. They want you to move it off your lot so you can buy some more. So, maybe this time, you choose Supreme and Scelzi and another time you choose Harbor and Marathon. It is good to choose suppliers that have different product lines so that you can choose a mix of product that fulfills a solid portion of the market and so the body companies are not directly competing product for product. So, I wouldn't choose Royal and Harbor at the same time, but Royal and Knapheide could work well. You get the idea.

Then, you might also find that one of the pools has a serious number of certain chassis and you think that you can move a good number with the right kind of promotion. This might mean that you choose one body company for this promotion. You know or should know that this is all Wal-Mart stuff, right? Wal-Mart buys large quantities at special prices and markets it in bulk. You do the same and get your partners to help you defray the marketing costs or other expenses or just the price to make a great promotional event. And, since we are looking through the eyes of the bold, we would be doing almost non-stop promotions. Starting to make sense from an overall marketing concept? There are so many ways to boost business and this whole promotion and partnering thing is one of the best. Take serious advantage of it. Always be looking for opportunities to partner with suppliers.

You can partner with aftermarket suppliers in the same way. Take a number of pickups and dress them up for increased profits and increased sales while having the supplier help you with marketing expenses. It works well for both companies. You get some great saleable pieces that add some excitement to your product mix and they get a bunch of business in one order. Makes their eyes kind of glaze over, you know? That's a good sign, so watch for it. Be a skilled planner and marketeer.

Now, here's a really bold concept: Partner with other stores. Let's say you sell Ford, so you can partner with the Ford store in a nearby city and do an offsite event and share the expenses. What a concept! Instead of competing, you are partnering. I know it is unheard of, but it is through the eyes of the bold. What's the worst thing that could happen? I don't see any. I just see good things. You cut your expenses in half; you get to promote an event and they promote it at the same time, so you have double exposure; the opportunity for sales should be approximately equal. What's not to like? It's time to think differently and see through the eyes of the bold.

More promotional and partnering ideas tomorrow.

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