Through the Eyes Of the Bold, Part 23

I'm a huge fan of the idea of cooperation rather than competition. There are so many ways we all can help each other and still reach our own goals very effectively. In addition, I think it is also effective to look to your own team to see if there are ways to partner with each other that you haven't yet thought of. I'll discuss some of these ideas today.

Think of your body company partners. I hope you think of them as partners, because they are. For example, Knapheide is well known for offering to send out flyers to a sizable database to help you move the product you buy from them. So, how about buying a few different KUV's from them and have them help you by sending out a few thousand pieces to help you in your marketing campaign? Sounds awesome to me! This is an industry leader product and is absolutely perfect on the Ford LCF or Isuzu tilt cab. I would suggest at least three of these so that you have a 10' single rear wheel on a cutaway with the low roof, a 12' on a dually mounted on a conventional cab with walk-in height and a 14' on a tilt cab. This will give you a selection that is very effective. As one sells, replace it right away. But, maybe you really are bold and that's not quite bold enough, so let's order at least one of their super Crane Bodies. That will get your heart moving. You need some aerobics anyway. What will really get your heart moving is the 5-6 pounder that comes from stocking that! For the less bold, they have a safe bet: Do people really use Gooseneck bodies? Of course they do and Knapheide builds one of the best in the world (I know because I use to sell them!). So here's an opportunity to get some great product from the largest truck body company in the world and have them put some of their resources into your hands by helping you market the product once you get it. And, I will bet that they will do this more than once and I will bet there is more they will do for you. Want to find out? Give them a call and talk about partnering with them.

How about this: Partner with your other body company like Scelzi, by getting a couple of their great flatbeds with composite floors that look and even smell like wood. Then add at least one, but preferably two or three different Flatbed Dumps. How about a 10' on a 60" CA, a 12' and a 14'. They excel in this product, but they have much more, such as their great Combo Body. Get a 10' and a 12'. Or, choose from a wide variety of their great products. But wait--Scelzi has designed the most awesome drawer assembly I have ever seen. They look like a high line Craftsman cabinet mounted inside the compartment. I tell you this: if you have one on your lot to show, I don't see how you cannot get excited and watch your customer get excited as well. Here's a couple of sneak photos that I took near Seattle:

I'm sure the photos don't do it the justice it deserves, but trust me, this is an awesome set of drawers and your customers will buy them if they can see them and touch them. If you would like full size photos of this option, send me an email at tminion@commercialtrucksuccess.com. So, while you focus on some things to buy so that Scelzi is more motivated to help you, maybe you get them to order a few hundred trinkets that you can give away while prospecting. For example, some nice, inexpensive ink pens that people will want to use with your name, address, phone, logo and then have Scelzi put their logo on it as well. Heck, with their logo on it and your nice order, they may go for a few thousand to last you a while, or a combination of things like sticky note pads, letter openers and so on. I cannot imagine that they would not be willing to help you with these things. That's partnering. You need some fresh exciting product anyway, now make it work better for you!

Who else can you work with? Well, here's a great one--especially in today's current market conditions. Order up two to four of the SVE MidBox trucks. They make them for Ford F150 and Chevy Colorado.

When you add the topper to it in either metal or composite material, you really have a great work truck and it is on a light duty inexpensive chassis that gets better mileage. That's an unbeatable combination right now. I might order one without the topper and two with. Just look how useful this truck can be and with the side compartments, it doesn't get much better. And, I'm sure that if you partner with SVE in a way that makes sense to them, that they will be happy to help you in some unique way to move your operation forward. Give them a call and discuss the possibilities. In addition to their assistance, you get a great product to talk about and show off on your lot. Put one in demo service and show it everywhere you go. There are plenty of light duty users that would love to see this product.

More partnering ideas tomorrow.

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