Through the Eyes Of the Bold, Part 15

Today is the last of our mix: Other Bodies.
  • Contractor Body 10-15%
  • Combo Body 5-10%
  • Flatbed 20-30%
  • Service Bodies 30-45%
  • Plumber Bodies 5-10%
  • Van Bodies 15-25%
  • Dumps 5-10%
  • Other Bodies 5-10%

Here's where you get to try new things and have some more fun. Keep your eyes open on the road for bodies other than the normal Contractor, Combo, Flatbed, Service, Plumber, Vans and Dumps. So, I'll just mention a small number of the Other Bodies you might consider:

  • I know one dealer who stocks some aftermarket 4x4 full size vans in cargo and passenger versions. That is a great niche and one that very few will be bold enough to get into. This dealer typically has 3 of them on his lot and he does very well with them.
  • Trailering body. These bodies have become more popular over the years. Here's a nice one from B & W. I've seen this one in real life and it is a great body. This is another niche market that most people will avoid.
  • Chipper Body. This is another great niche that you can take advantage of. Having it in stock will make all the difference.
  • Saw Body. This is something unique and focused on one group of users; however, having it on your lot may find other users who see uses for this body. It is a severely modified flatbed, though it looks more like a service type body
  • Crane Body. Here's a look at the IMT HD Crane Body. You can start with a smaller crane on a Service Body, or go for the gold with this kind of body!
  • Gooseneck Bodies. These are easy to sell and very popular in various parts of the country. This is a nice one.
  • Tow Trucks. Wreckers, Roll-Backs. Get involved in the tow truck market. It is very interesting.
  • Refrigerated Van Bodies. Here's a great niche. You don't find these on dealers lots very often. It is a great market to get into.
  • The SVE Mid-Box truck. Here's a great way to increase your sales. This will fulfill the niche where they aren't quite ready for a Service Body, but really want a more useful pickup. It's really sweet with the shell on it.

I've just touched on a very few of the possibilities that will help you get more business by offering more and more solutions. I would say that most customers don't really know what they need until you show it to them. Just seeing it in real life makes all the difference. Buying out of a catalog doesn't work very well.

If I were just starting into this part of the market, and based on the dealer with 25 upfits and 8%, or 2 units to deal with, I would order the Trailering Body from B&W or similar and the Saw Body from Harbor or similar. Then, I would recommend that you get more and more excited about your possibilities and bump up this mix as you can. I am confident that you will find that this part of the market is the most profitable and interesting because it is so different. In addition, you will find that you have no competition! That'll work! Great profits, no competition. Sweet. . . only if you're bold enough to go for it!

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