Strattec Introduces New BOLT Series One Key Locks

NTEA Show Marks Launch of BOLT Series of Locks to Work Truck Market

MILWAUKEE – Targeting commercial truck drivers, fleet operators, trade professionals and heavy truck users – or anyone else who’s ever searched a giant key ring for that one elusive key – STRATTEC Security Corp. has just launched a series of locks that open with their owner’s truck or sport utility vehicle key.

The 2010 NTEA Show will mark the debut of the new BOLT (Breakthrough One-key Lock Technology) Series of locks to the work truck industry. The BOLT Series of locks incorporate a patented, automotive-style cylinder that enables users to insert their truck key, turn once and program the lock to that key. Any number of padlocks or other locks in the series can be set by the owner to a single key. In addition, since the BOLT Series of locks use an automotive-grade cylinder with a shutter and six-plate tumbler, they have the highest corrosion resistance rating and are nearly impossible to pick or bump. They’re also significantly stronger and more durable than typical cam locks, making them ideal for demanding work truck applications.

Research has confirmed the intuitive appeal of the BOLT products among work truck users. According to a survey of work truck fleet managers conducted by STRATTEC in partnership with Automotive Fleet and Work Truck magazines, nearly 70 percent of respondents were interested in having truck storage compartments keyed to the truck’s ignition key.

"Imagine the convenience and simplicity of having just one key for all your truck and equipment locks, and it’s your ignition key,” said STRATTEC Director of New Market Development Mike Long. “We anticipate huge interest in this product among a variety of users, from commercial drivers to utilities, electrical contractors and fleet managers.”

The BOLT Series of locks will initially include a padlock, 5/8” receiver lock, ½” receiver lock, cable lock, spare tire lock and motorcycle wheel lock, with other products to follow. The BOLT system is also available as optional equipment on storage compartments in utility, service and lift truck bodies built by Knapheide, Caseco, BrandFX and other manufacturers.

The company estimates the BOLT Series locks to fit over 88 percent of light trucks and over 70 percent of all Ford, GM and Chrysler vehicles on the road, making them compatible with over 111 million vehicles. They are also compatible with a number of heavy truck models, including International Pro Star, International 4000 Series, Volvo VN Series, and Sterling Condor.

The BOLT Series of locks were introduced in late 2009 at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas. The locks won two separate awards there, being named one of the show’s best new products by both the SEMA Global Media panel and the SEMA Light Truck Accessory Alliance. They’ve since been honored by AutoWeek (AW) magazine, which featured BOLT in its December 2009 Holiday Gift Guide.

The U.S.-made BOLT Series will also be marketed by DuraSafe, Inc. in the marine and outdoor product markets.

STRATTEC is the world’s largest manufacturer of automotive locks and keys, and supplies ignition locks and keys to all three U.S. automakers. For more information about the STRATTEC BOLT Series of locks, visit www.BOLTlock.com.

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