What A Great Idea! Full Side Access.

There is nothing quite so interesting and so useful as the window shade style shutter door on the side of this van body by Supreme. We borrowed the idea from the Safeway.com trucks that Supreme built.

This unit is as short as a pickup truck, yet has a 10' box and better turning radius. It is just tall enough to stand up straight it. With the shutter style door and the barn style doors on the rear, there is no loss of headroom, so this box can be fully loaded.

Access to load and unload is a piece of cake and the load floor height is approximately that of a half ton pickup truck tailgate. No back issues. The full length grip strut step and grap handles allows one to get inside very easily.

Another advantage is that this box can be easily loaded with a forklift. Want to carry some heavy engines in crates here and there, no problem. And this truck will carry approximately 3,000 lbs., so it will handle the job.

To see more photos, go to www.fairfieldcommercialtruck.com.

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