Isuzu Delivers For Angel Springs and Bevan Bodies

Isuzu delivers for Angel Springs and Bevan Bodies offers innovative solution for fresh marketing messages

Water cooler specialist Angel Springs has a refreshing solution to the challenge of keeping its promotional messages on its trucks bang up to date – with a little help from Isuzu Truck UK and bodybuilder Bevan Group.

The operator has just taken delivery of 7 seven from an order of 15 new Isuzu N75.190 7.5-tonners with Easyshift automated transmissions. All arrived via Angel Springs’ long-term contract hire partner Fraikin, and are fitted with Bevan’s fast access curtainslider bodies. Angel Springs has worked since its inception with Fraikin –the latest 7.5-tonne Isuzu’s are the subject of six-year contract hire deals under which each will average 35,000 miles a year.

The first 7 trucks are all based at in Tring, Hertfordshire; the remaining 8 will operate from Wolverhampton and Halifax.

The Isuzu 7.5tonners with the Bevan bodies are ideally suited to multi-drop applications because the curtains are tensioned from front to back and have locks at both ends, so drivers have no time-consuming straps and buckles to contend with – to gain access they simply slide back the curtains, concertina-fashion, in seconds.

Each new Isuzu offers a payload of some 3.7 tonnes, sufficient to carry 160 20-litre bottles stored on Angel Springs’ bespoke racking, as well as eight boxes of cups and a trolley. The vehicles will make up to 45 ‘drops’ per day.

In addition to the challenge of providing easily operated and efficient delivery vehicles, Angel Springs also asked the bodybuilder to come up with a solution to the age-old problem of changing marketing messages on their trucks. If a solution could be found it would have to be one that was easy, quick and cost-effective to carry out. The Bevan Group rose to the challenge and all 15 trucks will be able to do just that.

On the rear of the body on each truck the Bevan Group has fitted a two-metre square panel that is interchangeable. This means that each truck can have a rear-facing panel that can be used to publicise the latest marketing initiatives by Angel Springs. Bevan has produced two of these aluminum-framed panels for each vehicle – one is always on the truck, the other is held at Bevan’s production facility.

Every three months Angel Springs relay their latest artwork to the Bevan Group’s graphics specialists, who transfer it to the panels. Technicians from Bevan’s aftercare team then take the new panels out to the Angel Springs locations at which the vehicles are based. Once on site they can fit the new panels and return to base with the ones they’ve removed.

Some of Angel Springs’ new trucks replace older vehicles that are being stood down but others represent a further extension to the company’s fleet of 60 trucks and vans, the vast majority of which are 7.5-tonners.

Angel Springs was founded in 2003, from an amalgamation of three water companies, and is now the fastest growing water cooler company in the UK. See more from Isuzu UK at www.isuzutruck.co.uk.

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