The Low Loader w/ Low 3 Degree Load Angle by Detroit Wrecker Sales

While doing some surfing in my hunt for good commercial truck videos on YouTube, I came across this company and this video. This company has 112 videos posted. Most excellent. What caught my eye is the ultra low load angle available on this rollback which is an incredible 3 degree angle. Very important for those very special clients who are super sensitive about the care of their prize possesion being lifted about and potentially damaged.

What would be cool on this is to have someone talking about this rather than just music and a little screen story here and there. But, it is cool music.

This company also has an excellent website: http://www.detroitwreckersales.com/. Check them out, see the videos on YouTube here: http://www.youtube.com/user/detroitwrecker#p/a

Detroit Wrecker Sales, Home of the Low Loader. 313-835-8700, 877-TOW-0030.


Anonymous said...

Nice guys over there at Detroit Wrecker....They care about Towers!

Anonymous said...

Great Guys at Detroit Wrecker...They do care about the lil guy thats for sure. I called them w/ some problems I had w/ another unit I bought from another co...They still had no problems helping me out! Thanks guys...

Rick from Jackson