UD Trucks North America Announces 2011 Model Year Product

UD Trucks North America (UDNA) introduced the new 2011 Model Year UD Trucks product line to UD Trucks dealers nationwide in an announcement from the Company’s headquarters on Friday, July 30. “UD Trucks for 2011 model year share the same heritage of Ultimate Dependability that has characterized the UD Trucks brand for 75+ years worldwide and over 25 years here in the United States. The new, GH7 six-cylinder diesel engine is manufactured by UD Trucks to the same exacting quality standards our customers have grown to expect, and it’s available with performance ratings of 245 and 280 horsepower,” said Evan Smith, the company’s Vice President of Sales.

“Using proven SCR and DPF emissions technology, the GH7 is compliant with the stringent 2010 EPA Standard,” said Brian Wagner, UDNA’s Director of Marketing. “Today’s UD Truck is significantly more fuel efficient than our previous products, while also meeting the Certified Clean Idle standard. UD Trucks for 2011 are more aerodynamic than ever, quieter than ever and more driver friendly than ever before. All these factors add up to more value for our customers.”

For more information about the new UD Truck line up contact your local Authorized UD Trucks Dealer. UD Trucks North America, Inc. headquartered in Irving, Texas is the U.S. Distributor for the UD Trucks line of medium duty diesel truck chassis manufactured by UD Trucks at the company’s manufacturing operations in Japan. For more information, contact Brian Wagner-Director of Marketing at 972-756-5533 or via e-mail at brian.wagner@udtrucksna.com. For more information about UD Trucks North America, Inc. or to find a UD Trucks dealer near you, visit http://www.udtrucksna.com/.

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