Transporting Race Cars No Drag With Isuzu Truck

The Village Motors race team has turned to an Isuzu FVL 1400 to provide them with plenty of horsepower off the track.

Dave Newcombe's professionally built 2007 Pontiac GTO might fly down the quarter mile drag strip in 7.09 seconds, but it needs some help getting from garage to track.

And it's not just one car that needs transporting. Regularly travelling to competitions across Australia is a team of five (the Village Motors MotorSport's Pro Stock drag racing team), two race cars, tools and equipment.

Pro Stock drag racing cars are the highest development of 'street-appearing' four-seat sedans or coupes using V8 engines – and precious cargo for the Brisbane-based Village Motors team.

When the time came to replace their small gooseneck trailer, the team looked to Isuzu for a reliable and comfortable truck that would meet their requirements and perform well on the long-distance drives across states.

They purchased an Isuzu FVL 1400, which Dave said transports the two race cars with ease.

Dave and his team have developed a well-designed and innovative configuration. The long trailer is split into two sections: the rear holds up to two race cars plus tools and other equipment, and the front section houses an office and living quarters for the team, which is accessible via a door on the side of the trailer.

"It is a fantastic vehicle that offers us plenty of power," Dave said. "And we now also have the convenience of an office, which we work from while we're on the road."

For extra storage space, the trailer also incorporates a series of compartments in the empty spaces next to the wheels.

"The Isuzu FVL 1400 is a huge improvement on our previous transportation," Dave said.

According to Dave, the FVL 1400 is ideal for the team's highway driving, due to its spacious cab and Isri air suspension driver’s seat that boasts pneumatic lumbar support and height, rake and automatic weight adjustment.

"The cab interior is very roomy and comfortable, so it’s great for the long journeys across Queensland that we often endure," Dave said.

Mated to a nine speed air assisted shift transmission with synchromesh on the first eight gears, the FVL 1400’s six cylinder, 24 valve SiTEC Series II 295 engine offers plenty of power for both urban conditions and out on the open road and is easy to drive. The truck also features cruise control and Hill Start Aid.

Keeping the driver and occupants safe is a range of safety features including Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and driver airbag.

According to Dave, the Isuzu FVL’s Hendrickson airbag suspension gives a much smoother ride, and is preferable over spring suspension for delicate loads like the team’s race cars.

"In the competitive world of drag racing, the last thing we need is to arrive at a race meet and find that any of our equipment has been damaged in transit," Dave said.

"I look for reliability, quality and comfort in a vehicle, which is why we turned to Brisbane Isuzu for our new truck. There is no question that Isuzu produces the best trucks on the market."

See more about all the great Isuzu Trucks in Australia at http://www.isuzu.com.au/.

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