The High Country Distant Discharge Snow Plow

Dixon, Illinois, USA – The High Country Distant Discharge Snow Plow is designed for high-speed plowing applications. The inverted funnel-shaped ends, combined with our standard extended roll moldboard, picks up the snow and throws it far and away from the road. This plow produces the same results when plowing to the left or to the right.

Standard features include; Deep “C” A-Frame, adjustable pitch settings, 5” x 5” x 3/8” HD square tube table, 90” wide push frame and massive 3 ½” round pivot bushing, two telescopic trip bars, six extension trip springs and four 3” poly bushings for return trip cushion, five table to moldboard hook-up points with 1 ½” thick ribs, 3” bearing surface and 1 ¼” pins, 7” x 4” x ½” fully boxed bottom angle and extended roll moldboard continuously welded.

“This is a very well designed and well-built snow plow made to help communities get through some tough winters,” Joe Bonnell, President of Bonnell Industries, states directly. “The High Country Distant Discharge Snow Plow was made to take on Mother Nature’s biggest snow storms and win.”

For more information, Bonnell Industries Inc. can be reached at:

1385 Franklin Grove Road, Dixon, IL 61021 815-284-3819 (Office) 815-284-8815 (Fax) joe@bonnell.com (email) http://www.bonnell.com/ (website)

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