Knapheide Customized Work Truck Shows Perfectly As Show Display

This is an opportunity to see a highly customized Knapheide KUV-CC plumber style body used as a show display and traveling product show. This was custom built in Quincy, Illinois by Knapheide for Thomas & Betts, producers of a wide range of products and tools for the electric industry. See more about Thomas & Betts at http://www.tnb.com/.

This KUV is on an HD Ford 84"CA chassis and the body is an 11' unit. One of the unique custom options on this unit is the upper full side door which is perfect for how they are using it as a lighted display case. Notice also the body step to have full access to that compartment. Then there is that great slide out display which is sort of like a BedSlide turned sideways in that it appears to operate in a similar way. And, there is still space inside the enclosed body to put larger items or maybe even their grounded display items, plus it is tall enough to stand up in.

This unit was on display at the 2011 NECA Show in San Diego CA. It is a perfect example of how a truck body can be used in unique ways, and how flexible Knapheide is in being able to create custom solutions for their customers. See more about Knapheide at their world-class website: http://www.knapheide.com/.

My thanks to Mike Soich of Knapheide Manufacturing for sharing these photos.

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