PALFINGER North America introduces their NEW PK 78002-SH High Performance Crane to North American Market

Best in class for versatile heavy-duty jobs

NIAGARA FALLS, ON - Uncompromising quality down to the last detail, an unbeatable power to weight ratio and its intelligent control concept make the PK 78002-SH second to none in the 80 meter tonne class.

Be it moving heavy machinery, precision installation assignments or delicate loading of boats -- as a multi-talented quick-change artist, the PK 78002-SH always pulls out the right stops for every task.

The PK 78002-SH features many of PALFINGER's High Performance technologies:

Endless slewing system with two slewing drives. Since the two drives are reciprocally hydraulically pre-stressed, the crane's slewing play is reduced to a minimum - a priceless advantage for jobs requiring a high outreach. The double slewing system ensures a high slewing torque and extremely precise crane movements.

PALFINGER is clearly setting the standard for ease of maintenance and environmental protection with the maintenance-free extension boom system. The use of sliding elements made from special synthetic material combined with time-tested KTL cathodic dip painting means that the operator no longer needs to service the boom system. This not only saves time and money but also protects the environment.

Functional design. The new design vocabulary keeps abreast of the times - in shape and choice of materials. Covers of synthetic material dominate the appearance. Covers of synthetic material over the control valve, slewing drive and hydraulic hoses are particularly eye-catching.

PK 65002-SH

Integrated Tank. The tank is integrated into the base frame to help save space. There is no longer any need for additional installation space on the vehicle chassis.

PALFINGER crane technology. Of course, in addition to its functional and appealing design elements, the PK 78002-SH also embodies PALFINGER's most innovative technology. Numerous comfort and safety functions (S-HPLS, AOS, DPS-Plus, HPSC, etc.) make the operator's everyday work easier.

The PK 78002-SH has a lifting moment of 74.7 meter tonnes. Equipped with up to 8 hydraulic extensions, it achieves a hydraulic outreach of 66' 11" (20.4 meters).

With the help of the Dual Power system (DPS) Plus, a sophisticated combination of state-of-the-art crane and control technology developed by PALFINGER, the fly-jib can be operated with two pressure ranges by using a special electronic overload cut-off. The second generation of the original DPS system which emerged from the PALFINGER forge also enables a further increase in the lifting power in the extended state by up to 15%!

All the crane functions are easy to control via the new radio remote control with LCD display. The control panel boasts a new large graphic display screen that shows the operator a variety of operating conditions such as capacity usage, active systems, servicing intervals, movements currently accessible or the position of the stabilizers.

The PK 78002-SH is a reliable partner in general day-to-day use for heavy loads. The way it shows off its strength or maximizes its working range, delights every crane operator over and over again on a daily basis.

For more information on these new models, please visit our website at http://www.palfinger-northamerica.com/

About PALFINGER North America:
PALFINGER North America began in 1989 in Niagara Falls, Canada where a crane sales, service and manufacturing facility was established. Over the year the North American product portfolio has been steadily expanded with products such as the truck-mounted forklift and EPSILON crane.

About the PALFINGER North America Group:
The PALFINGER North America Group was formed following PALFINGER's acquisitions of MBB Interlift, Omaha Standard Inc. and Automated Waste Equipment. These new partnerships give PALFINGER the additional product lines, multiple truck chassis pools and a distribution network that meet the demands of key industries throughout North and Latin America.

Please visit our website - http://www.palfinger-northamerica.com/ for a complete listing of all authorized PALFINGER dealers and other information about PALFINGER.

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