Tuesday, April 17, 2012

AMT now available in Isuzu F-Series

In 2009 Isuzu Trucks SA was the first OEM to introduce the Automated Manual Transmission to the South African truck market in the MCV segment of the truck market. This was introduced on selected N-Series MCV models. To date this has been a great success with many fleets now standardizing on these models with AMT. The resulting sales speak for themselves, in models where the AMT and manual option are both available, 50% of these models are sold with the AMT option.
On a Smoother AMT model, the driver does not use a clutch pedal when pulling away, changing gears or stopping; he/she uses only the gearshift lever, accelerator pedal and brake pedal.
This innovation saves operators thousands of rand each year.
Based on a manual transmission, such advanced technologies as wet-type multiple disc clutch and fluid coupling have been introduced to achieve an easy-drive system suitable for commercial vehicles at a low price. In addition, use of an electromagnetic solenoid valve-type gear shift unit enables both computer-controlled automatic transmission and manual transmission.
This feature allows the driver to drive the truck in the automated mode, or in the manual mode without having to operate the clutch, thus eliminating the risk of abuse.
This industry first from Isuzu Trucks will soon to be available in the F-series range, which will now give the fleet owner the same advantages and benefits that have been experienced with the N-Series range over the past few years.
Over the course of a trucks life, especially in our high traffic inner city delivery applications, the clutch may need to be replaced between 5 to 8 times, model dependent. This comes at a substantial cost, which with the AMT option then becomes a saving.
With the AMT, the transmission is manual but the shifting mechanism that changes the gears is electronically controlled. There is no driver operated clutch, which takes away the risk of any driver abuse. The truck is always in the right gear, at the right time. No more expensive clutch replacements.
With AMT, Isuzu Trucks brings to market a truck which retains performance, durability and fuel economy usually associated with a manual transmission. This truck is so easy to drive that the driver is able to completely focus on the road.
The F-Series AMT has a 6 speed transmission, with features such as Hillside Assist for pull off on a step gradient when the truck is at full GVM.
Also available now in the FSR 750 AMT Crew Cab, this truck seats 7 passengers in the spacious cab which is ideal for application that require crew to accompany the load.
The AMT is available in the N-Series and F-Series in the following model derivatives – NPR 300, NPR 400, NPR 400 Crew Cab and NQR 500, FSR 750 Crew Cab, FSR 800 and FTR 850.
To add to this model line up the AMT option will be introduced on the FRR 500 in the 3rd quarter of 2012.

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