Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Snow & Ice Control Unit Walk-Through From Bonnell Industries

At Commercial Truck Success, we are always looking for a good video of a product, and this is a perfect example of a great walk-through on a truck body job. It's not a spiffy massively edited commercial, but just a great walk through talking about all the interesting features. Great job!

This is Ed Campbell, National Sales Manager for Bonnell Industries, Inc. of Dixon, IL, manufacturer of Truck and Road Equipment. He is telling us about this 7400 International with a dump body, a U-696 Stainless Steel Spreader with a Varitech Prewet System. It is interesting to note the double-loomed wiring harness and how it is routed inside the frame, along with the hydraulic fittings running through a bulkhead, as well as all of these parts having their own part numbers and are available for replacement quickly using the supplied parts manual.

This truck also sports an 11' mid-mount wing plow with a rubber cutting edge and specially designed HD assembly. At the front, there is a HD frame and hitch and it is all managed with ease from the cab via a Force America joystick controller.

See much more about Truck and Road Equipment at the Bonnell Industries website at, or call them at 800-851-9664.

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