Saturday, April 21, 2012

Welder Body with Lots Of Drawers In Horizontal Compartment

This is very unusual to see six HD drawers in the horizontal compartment in this welders body. They are more common in the verticle compartments, but I love it this way because it is like everything being counter high and easy to get at. Then these drawers are set up with dividers to allow for the storage of a variety of small parts.  The six 3" roll out drawers have 20 compartments each, totaling 120 divided compartments for fittings, terminals or other small parts. Easy to organize and easy to access and retrieve your parts. The side by side drawers allow for access to many parts at the same time.

The drawers lock into place individually and are secured by the outside horizontal door. Notice the heavy duty bumper with the pintle hook, the chain loops and the square receiver for a trailer ball. The rear mounted handles allow for entry into the bed area. Notice the vice bracket mounted on the passenger side.

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