Knapheide Enters the Van Equipment Market

August 21, 2012

Knapheide now offers innovative Van Equipment to increase technician productivity and efficiency.

The Knapheide Manufacturing Company is excited to announce the release of a full line of commercial Van Equipment. This recent product addition re-affirms Knapheide's commitment to providing customers with the most complete line up of commercial vehicle equipment in the industry. The new product line includes Van Equipment for both full size and small commercial van applications. Knapheide offers the extensive Van Equipment product line throughout its' vast North American distribution network.

The new Van Equipment includes the Sortimo Globelyst, Simpleco, and CarMo systems along with industry leading Van Partitions. Knapheide's Van Equipment is designed to help technicians go from curb side to work site, gaining productivity and efficiency.

Globelyst components are substantially lighter compared to steel made van equipment resulting in greater fuel efficiency and more available payload for your commercial van. The Globelyst system has been crash tested in a wide variety of commercial vans to ensure the highest level of operator safety. Vocational packages are available for immediate delivery and installation.

Simpleco is a simple, economical storage system for small commercial vans. Simpleco has little negative impact to your payload and your wallet. Simpleco blocks are mounted to the side walls of the cargo area and enables the technician to have an uncluttered and open cargo area. Mounting locations allow for convenient and quick operator access to tools and equipment from the rear cargo doors.

Short for "Car" and "Mobility", CarMo provides an unique storage solution for a car or small sport utility vehicle. Carmo features a rugged Sobogrip floor with a wide variety of L-Boxx packages to choose from for your storage needs. The floor can be easily removed and re-installed into the back of the vehicle and is pre-cut to match the storage area of the vehicle. CarMo is an ideal storage solution for white collar professionals including engineers, sales, architects, photographers, etc.

Knapheide Van Partitions are constructed of alternative materials that are lightweight yet rigid and rugged enough to protect the operator. The design allows for ample seat travel in order to retain driver comfort. Bulkhead models are available with or without glass and compliment OEM styling and appearance. With any van organizational systems, Knapheide recommends the use of a Van Partition for safety precautions.
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