The Knapheide Heavy Duty Crane Body and Stellar Industries Crane

When you want a heavy duty crane body and crane application, it doesn't get any better than Knapheide and Stellar.

Crane Bodies from Knapheide are versatile enough to work in almost any industry. From one application to the next, the Knapheide Crane Body continues to exceed the expectations of their customers.

Knapheide's Crane Body line is versatile enough to withstand everything from light to heavy duty working environments. Their 30,000 ft.-lb., 38,000 ft.-lb. (shown in photos) and 60,000 ft.-lb. Crane Bodies are designed to provide enough storage while boasting the capacity to lift maximum sized loads. Whatever the application may be, municipal, construction, heavy equipment maintenance, Knapheide has the right Crane Body for the job.

What really sets Knapheide apart is their unique torq-isolator crane support system. The reinforced crane box transfers lift forces into the full-length torsion-box subframe and outriggers, not the side compartments. You can see in the photos how the right rear compartment where the crane is mounted has a small space in that it is not going to put stress loads on the rest of the compartments. It is isolated and connected to the full-length sub-frame assembly.

Other features are, A-40 galvanneal compartments and doors, 1/8" treadplate floor, tops and backs, full-seam continuous welded, 12-guage bottom and end panels of compartments, 14-guage inner partitions of compartments, and doors are double-panel with 14-guage ourside panels and hat-section reinforcements.

In addition, each Knapheide Crane Body is protected by the latest technology in steel coatings. Every Knapheide Crane Body receives their exclusive K-Coat protection with 12 stages of cleaning, pre-treat, electrodeposition prime coat, rinse and curing. K-Coat insures complete and uniform coverage of epoxy primer for maximum protection against corrosion.

Knapheide also has a long list of optional features, including drawers and drawer packages, alternate compartment arrangements, alternate height compartments (the body shown in the photos has a 60" raised front compartment), bumpers, bumper platforms, outrigger assemblies, Sortimo organizational products, gas bottle options, and much more. And, those are just the standard options. Knapheide's engineering staff is second to none and can help create a one-up custom body for any need, and whatever they design, they can build, ship and/or install.

In the photos above, the Knapheide Crane Body has a Stellar 7621, 7,500 lb capacity telescoping crane. Stellar Cranes are an excellent choice to match up with the Knapheide Crane Body.

With the Stellar 7621 telescopic crane, the hassles of pulling pins and wrestling a manual extension to get over 20-feet are gone. Stellar is the leading manufacturer, in this class of crane, to offer two hydraulic extensions to 21-feet of reach. By incorporating two hydraulic extensions, there is no need to manually pull-out extensions. The crane does the extending, not the operator. Stellar Industries was the first U.S. manufacturer in this class of crane to offer several unique features as standard equipment. These include the standard proportional radio remote control, hexagonal boom construction, and a planetary winch with 60-feet per minute winch speed.

To see more about Knapheide, go to www.Knapheide.com

To see more about Stellar Cranes, go to www.StellarIndustries.com

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