Your Truck Rack Literally Save My Life!

Here is a powerful testimonial that Truck Rack Manufacturer, Rack-it Truck Racks of Shingle Springs, CA received from one of their rack end users.

There's probably no better way to describe this picture than to publish the email from the customer:

>From: Casey Stephens
> Sent: Thursday, August 02, 2012 2:41 PM
> To: info@rackitinc.com
> Subject: Your truck rack literally saved my life!
>> I just two hours ago rolled my truck three times! My over the shell rack saved my life and about $ 8000 dollars in tools! Please keep in mind my truck is well over 10000lbs, thank you for building a awesome product. I walked away with not much more than a scratch! I believe a good part of that is due to you product!
> Thank you
> Casey Stephens

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