Allens Freight no run of the mill paper delievery service

IAL - Allens Freight No Run Of The Mill Paper Delivery Service

For more than 200 years, Australians have been relying on newspapers for the latest news. But over this time it hasn’t just been the publishers working hard to keep their product in circulation – newspaper distributors are also working through the wee hours of the night delivering the day’s news in a timely manner.

For Warrnambool company, Allens Freight, this couldn’t ring truer. The company has been delivering newspapers since it was established in 1985 when owner, Leigh Allen, purchased one single paper run from his uncle.

Since then, Allens Freight has grown significantly, now employing around 55 staff. It has freight terminals based not only in Warrnambool, but also in Portland, Hamilton and Melbourne.

One thing has not changed since it began operations in 1985 however; Allens Freight continues to operate paper runs from Melbourne to Portland seven nights a week. During the 10 hour night shift, approximately 10,000 individual newspapers are delivered.

With a commitment to service and a will to diversify to meet its customers’ needs, Allens Freight services do not end at delivering newspapers. The company also provides a range of logistics services, including warehousing and distribution, line haul and refrigerated transport.

Through its large variety of services, the company not only assists clients in the west of Victoria and south east of South Australia, but also a number of international clients using air freight.

In order to complete this wide range of work, Allens Freight currently runs a fleet of 20 Isuzu trucks, ranging from the smaller NKR 200 Flat Low to the Giga EXY model.

Operations Manager, Richard Allen, said that apart from fitting bodies, the company hasn’t been required to make any modifications to its Isuzu trucks.

"Our fleet operates in a range of conditions, due to the large variety of jobs that they are used for. However all of our Isuzu trucks handle their roles with flying colours. They offer us enough power in each of their applications," Mr Allen said.

"We continue to choose Isuzu trucks for our fleet because past experience has shown us what works. We have been loyal Isuzu customers since 1985, when Leigh Allen purchased the original truck – an Isuzu FSR – from his uncle."

Mr Allen said that choosing new trucks for the Allens Freight fleet is an easy task thanks to support from Isuzu Dealer, OG Roberts in Mount Gambier.

"We follow a selection criteria when purchasing new trucks for our fleet, however Gary Fewins from OG Roberts knows our fleet and needs very well, and assists us in choosing the right truck for the job," Mr Allen said.

"The best thing about the Isuzu trucks is their reliability. We still have some Isuzus dating back to 1996 that have now been retired into local applications.

"Our most recent purchase, the Isuzu FRR 500, has proven to be brilliant. We purchased it to accommodate our increasing workload.

"We will continue to add more Isuzu trucks to our fleet in the future. We currently have an Isuzu Giga 455 on order. We believe if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. That’s why we continue to invest in Isuzu products."

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