Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Taking stock with Benleigh Vending Systems, Wingfield, South Australia

As Australia’s largest independent vending machines operator, with 500 machines in its South Australian network alone, distributing and restocking vending machines is a hard day’s work for Benleigh Vending Systems.

Based in Wingfield, South Australia, Benleigh Vending Systems provides its customers with free vending machine solutions. There are no fees or contracts for the supply of the machines; delivery and installation is provided at no charge. In addition, Benleigh Vending Systems refills the machines and takes care of all maintenance for its customers.

IAL - Taking Stock With Benleigh

Each machine can be adapted to suit the customer’s needs, with a choice of confectionary, savoury snacks, drinks, dairy products and microwavable meals on offer.

To ensure its vending machines are always full of fresh products, Benleigh Vending Systems relies on a fleet of seven Isuzu NLR 200 trucks to distribute a range of food and beverages to its South Australian customers.

The trucks’ refrigerated van bodies are jam-packed with items for the restocking runs to Benleigh’s clients which include large industrial companies, aged care facilities and hospitals.

According to Benleigh Vending Systems Director, Daniel Bergineti, the refrigerated truck bodies allow his team to deliver perishable products such as milk, cheese and snacks in perfect condition.

"Aside from adding the truck bodies, we haven’t made any modifications to the NLR 200s. They are perfect the way they are," Mr Bergineti said.

"The Isuzu trucks run from Seaford on the coast south of Adelaide to Roseworthy to the north, operating on roads presenting a range of different driving conditions.

"The trucks haven’t missed a beat. We have recently sold some Transit vans and have replaced them with the Isuzu trucks we recently purchased. The drivers all want to drive the Isuzu trucks, as they much prefer them to the other vehicles in our fleet."

Mr Bergineti said when the company purchased the trucks they chose Isuzu because of a range of factors.

"We compared the market and felt Isuzu offered the best value for money. The reliability of the Isuzu trucks was a big factor," Mr Bergineti said.

"We had also heard positive feedback on other Isuzu trucks through word of mouth."

The Benleigh Vending Systems drivers have been pleased with the trucks’ power, comfort and ease of driving.

"The NLR 200 has a good turning circle for a truck of its size. It completes a U-turn in an average width street with half a metre to spare."

Mr Bergineti said Benleigh Vending Systems’ Isuzu trucks are still within warranty and are serviced at the Adelaide Isuzu dealership where they were purchased.

"We have been happy with the servicing and maintenance provided by Adelaide Isuzu."

Beginning operations 18 years ago, Benleigh Vending Systems now employs 15 staff to service its South Australian customers and additional contractors to run its national operations. The company continues to add to its South Australian fleet of Isuzu trucks, with the most recent NLR 200 purchased in March.

See more about Isuzu Truck in Australia at www.Isuzu.com.au

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