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Joe Schubert loves Isuzu trucks – his use of Isuzus over almost three decades is testament to this with the relationship standing the test of time.

The New South Wales removalist fell into the work at the ripe age of 15, often helping out in his father’s furniture removal business by accompanying him on jobs after hours and on weekends.

Eventually, he began two of his own removalist operations and now employs 10 staff located at a depot in Matraville, in Sydney’s south.

Joe’s two companies, Always Moving and Bow Tie Removals, rely on six Isuzu trucks to provide a boutique removalist service for the Sydney metropolitan area.

According to Joe, it’s all about the experience and customer service a company provides that leads to success.

“Furniture removal is in my blood, I can’t even fathom doing anything else,” Joe said.

“I take pride in my trucks, I keep them clean and tidy and I’m confident they can handle any type of job that gets thrown at them.”

Joe’s current fleet comprises an FRR 600, NKR 200, NLR 200, NPR 200 and two NNR 200s.

In the past, he has had an Isuzu SBR 422 and SCR 420 which he only sold a couple of years ago. Both trucks did not disappoint during their run and Joe praises Isuzu’s reliability in both old and new models.

“I have been using Isuzu trucks since 1985 when I bought my first Isuzu SBR 422. It was so resilient that I never had to change the brakes even though it clocked over 200,000 kilometres,” Joe said.

“I try and acquire a combination of new and second-hand Isuzus as I know I can trust them, no matter how old the truck is.”

Joe’s fleet is fitted with custom-built furniture van bodies which are specially designed to access difficult areas including low clearances, tight narrow laneways and sharp tight turns in small streets.

The bodies feature ramps and side doors for easy access as well as timber floors and carpet walls to protect the furniture.

For loading heavier furniture, the NNR 200 and NLR 200 trucks are installed with a large full width walk up tailgate.

Joe said he likes Isuzus so much he won’t consider buying any other truck brand.

“Isuzu trucks have exactly what we need for our business as they can stand the wear and tear of transporting different types of furniture over a long period of time,” Joe said.

Both companies include services such as furniture protection, dismantling and assembly of furniture, insurance, furniture placement and packing materials.

For extra security, Joe uses a modular furniture moving and storage system where all customer goods are stored directly in the company’s warehouse facility and are never opened until the customer receives the goods at their new location.

The company prides itself in employing the latest technology to service customers in the most efficient way.

“As we control everything that comes into our facility, customers can safely know there are no corrosive chemicals, rodent attracting foodstuffs or prohibited items being stored next to their belongings.”

All vehicles are also equipped with satellite tracking so that the company knows where the truck and the customer’s belongings are 24-hours a day.

Joe has five drivers that work across both of his companies and happily drive the Isuzu trucks.

“I’ve been told the trucks are a joy to drive. The cabins are very popular and the drivers love the comfort that Isuzu offers,” he said.

“The fully integrated air conditioning and heater/demister with 4-speed fan has been ideal to combat all types of weather, all year round.”

According to Joe, when purchasing a truck, service and support play a large role.

“We have a long history with Isuzu and I look forward to continuing and strengthening that relationship,” Joe said.

“If my father had the option of buying an Isuzu truck for his business in the 60s, he would have definitely jumped on board.”


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