Westport Here and Now


More than a century ago, a few pioneers imagined a new way forward. They put our dreams and aspirations on the road. And we've fueled our passion for adventure and progress pretty much the same way ever since.

No question it's been a good run. But times change. Needs change. And people adapt. Because the future belongs to newer, more sustainable resources. And the future is here and now.

So how will we get from A to B more efficiently? More responsibly? More economically? At Westport, we've been thinking about those questions for some time. And we have answers. In fact, they're already on the road today. An entire fleet of vehicles from the world's largest car and truck companies. All using Westport engine technology, and a next generation power supply—natural gas.

So to those pioneers who first gave us a means of exploring the open road, we salute you. And we promise to carry the mantle forward. To be prepared for whatever's around the next corner. To give tomorrow's visionaries license to explore—by designing the most advanced natural gas engines the world has ever seen. Not just for cars and trucks. But for any vehicle that carries a payload, crosses the water, or thunders down the tracks.

So climb aboard. Grab a seat. Buckle up.
Because the ride's about to get interesting.

Get more information at http://www.westport.com

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