Bedslide and Rack-it = A Great Combination!

There are times when you don't want something to slide out of your pick-up bed, take for instance your ladders! The perfect answer is a Rack-It rack to secure your ladders or lumber on top and a Bedslide to provide a convenient way to access your tools, supplies and equipment from the bed of the truck.

Even if you have a topper or a camper shell to provide protection for your stuff, the addition of a Rack-It rack will allow your stuff to remain secure while allowing access to your ladders on top.
BEDSLIDE turns your entire truck bed into a sliding drawer. BEDSLIDE offers superior truck cargo management that will increase work efficiency by giving you full access to your truck bed cargo.

To find out more, you may call Rack-It truck racks at 800-445-7666.
Also find them at http://rackitinc.com/

Also, www.bedslide.com

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