Thursday, September 26, 2013

Oil Field Constultant's Truck Body by Master Series Truck Body

Oil field consulting can be a difficult job unless you have the proper workspace. You need a 4×4 truck and instead of working in the cab of your truck, you can do your work in the comfort of a Mobile Office by Master Truck Body.

View the Master Truck Body Product Video:

Seat more than 1 person for consulting and have all the amenities of a conventional office. With climate control, A/C power, auxiliary seating, bright lighting and many more options; we can suit your needs. Having your unit 4×4 ready to reach any job site, you will have the advantage to do the job you need to get done with the comforts that would be otherwise unavailable.

Remove your body within minutes and use as a stand alone unit or when you need to use your truck for something else.

Our bodies are one of the strongest and most durable fiberglass truck bodies in the industry and offer the highest quality parts and accessories so you can be confident that your body will stand the test of time.

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