BrandFX Body Company Half Ton Revolution

 BrandFX Composite service bodies, utility bodies, Toppers & Inserts are up to 40% lighter than comparative steel bodies, and up to 10% lighter than comparative aluminum bodies. This weight reduction means substantially reduced fuel and maintenance costs, and many times the ability to downsize to a smaller chassis for thousands of dollars in lifecycle reduction costs. Then remount your BFX composite equipment over 4-5 trucks.

 Today’s work truck market demands solutions that address environmental concerns, and improve the bottom line. BFX engineers the next generation of lightweight Truck Service Bodies, Line Bodies, Inserts and Toppers, meeting growing demand for green, sustainable solutions. Thanks to a 40% weight reduction with composite over steel bodies, you can decrease fuel and maintenance costs significantly with BFX truck service bodies. In fact, major telecom and utility Fleet Managers across the world rely on BFX to reduce their carbon footprint, and fuel and maintenance costs.

Find out more at:  http://www.brandfxbody.com/

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