Propane-Autogas-Powered Vehicles by Roush CleanTech

Roush CleanTech, a Ford QVM, engineers vehicles that run on propane autogas, including school buses, fleet vehicles, and a bobtail. These vehicles have attracted school districts, government agencies, municipalities, and companies like Frito-Lay, UPS, and Dish Network. Propane-autogas-powered vehicles have exceeded customer expectations by providing proven performance, lower operating costs, and reduced emissions. The Propane Education & Research Council has worked with Roush CleanTech since 2006 to introduce products that run on propane autogas. With the introduction of a propane-powered bobtail, the industry can enjoy the advantages of its own product.

ABOUT THE SERIES: The Clean American Innovation video series highlights America’s propane technology leaders. As more U.S. manufacturers strive to meet demand for powerful, environmentally friendly products, propane is emerging as a popular fuel solution in markets beyond Agriculture, Residential, and Commercial. Propane has impressed consumers with performance comparable to conventional fuels, while also reducing emissions and lowering operating costs. Explore our YouTube channel to watch more videos in the series, and learn more on http://www.cleanamericaninnovation.com.

ABOUT PERC: The only energy council of its kind, PERC leads safety and training efforts among propane retailers and consumers and drives technology development to expand adoption of propane as a clean, domestic, and affordable energy source. For more information, visit http://www.propanecouncil.org.

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