Knapheide - Turnkey Solutions And Vocational Vehicles

Knapheide Commercial Vehicle Services is the leader in providing turnkey vocational vehicles to commercial fleets and fleet management companies. Regardless if you need complex truck bodies or simple van interiors, from vehicle concept to delivery, KCVS provides the total package for fleet and fleet management customers.

Bodies, Equipment, & Accessories

Knapheide has the largest and most comprehensive selection of bodies, equipment and accessories. Knapheide only utilizes the industry's top suppliers of truck and van bodies, van organizational interiors, cranes, compressors, welders, generators, liftgates, ladder and material racks, snow plows, spreaders, mechanics drawers and more. Knapheide acts as the single source provider for all of your commercial vehicle needs.

Alternative Fuels

Rising gas and diesel costs have generated more and more interest in alternative fuel systems. Knapheide has partnered with the leading alternative fuel system providers and chassis manufacturers in order to offer virtually every alternative fuel solution available to help keep operating costs low. Knapheide has invested in turnkey operations for engineering, installing and servicing propane, compressed natural gas, and hybrid fuel systems.

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