Routing software cuts miles, fuel use and improves customer service

Time and money are two critical components of any successful business plan. When a business can cut time and save money, all in one step, that is a plan worth exploring. If there is a customer service improvement as well, then that is a plan worth doing. And that’s what Michigan-based Hagopian Cleaning Services did by installing routing software from Paragon Software Systems.

With offices around the world, including Dallas, Paragon offered up a solution to help Hagopian cut the miles its drivers were traveling and save fuel in the process. “We had all our orders on little dispatch cards, and it would take one person all day to route the [trucks],” Tim DeTavernier, assistant manager of on-location cleaning, says. “It eliminated the need to have a third person in dispatching.”

Hagopian traces its roots back to 1938 when founder Haroutun “Harry” Hagopian answered a call from a customer of his LaSalle Chemical Products Co. (which manufactured industrial cleaning compounds) asking if Harry could remove a stain from a carpet. During World War II, with new carpet production ceasing, the need for someone to clean older carpets grew and the Carpet Dyeing Service Co. was founded. Hagopian developed the first procedure in America for topical dyeing of wall-to-wall carpeting.

Source: http://fleetowner.com/running-green/green-fleet-month-cleaning

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