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The days of the a simple hammer, square and a tape measure being all you need to get the job done are gone. While these are still viable tools, there’s been a great deal of advancement in contractor tool technology that makes your job easier than ever before. Here are some of our favorite new tool technologies being used today.


While levels and tape measures are time-tested jobsite staples, there’s always room for improvement. Laser levels can quickly and accurately provide both horizontal and vertical level lines in an instant. In the same interest of saving time, a laser tape measure can quickly give a readout of distance between walls.


For when those long days become nights, an LED light bar helps you continue working around the clock. Many of these battery-powered lights are magnetic to maximize versatility. By utilizing power-sipping LED lights, these lights should work long into the night.


Sometimes the cold weather creeps in and it’s not possible to prep your jobsite for with heating elements. That’s where a heated jacket can come in handy. Even if your jobsite is plenty warm, a heated jacket is still a great option when moving from place to place on a cold day.


Sometimes, you just can’t get a good look at the situation on the job. Whether it’s snaking a drain or getting a better look in an attic, an inspection camera gives you the additional range to get into those hard-to-reach spaces and know what you’re up against.


Similar to an inspection camera, a drone gives you the ability to survey a jobsite quickly and easily. When it comes to site surveying, drones are an up and coming method. Some drones built-in cameras even have the ability to collect survey grade data for jobsites within minutes.


Keeping track of your tools as they move between the shop, work vehicles and the jobsite can be a daunting task. Having your tools barcoded and scanned in and out using an inventory management system. This helps maintain who’s checked out a tool, so you always know where it’s at. Additionally, inventory management systems can help track usage for improved maintenance and upkeep of your tools.


Our phones are more powerful than ever. While they’re great devices for communication and entertainment, many contractors are beginning to harness that power on the job. There are a number of applications available to help contractors handle job quoting, project management, construction calculators, safety guidelines, and even gas savings.
Make sure you’re always on the lookout for ways to make your job easier by keeping up with the latest work technologies for your particular vocation.

SOURCE: https://www.knapheide.com/news/blog/2019/01/tool-tech-highlights

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